Self-Defence Workshop


The self-defence workshop was conducted in our school with the primary objective of empowering girls with practical techniques and knowledge to protect themselves in potentially threatening situations. The workshop aimed to enhance their awareness, confidence, and ability to respond effectively to various forms of aggression.


The workshop was graced by the presence of Administrator, Brni. Sharanyamrita Chaitanyaji, Principal Mrs. Anupama Rao, Guests Nilesh Jadhav, Ms. Vaishnavi Margaje and Ms Diksha Bhagat who were welcomed by the Academic Incharge Prajna Arun. The program began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp.

The workshop was conducted for class 7, 8,9,10 and 11. Our students actively participated in the workshop and learned essential self-defence skills. The workshop covered a wide range of self-defence techniques, focusing on both physical and mental aspects of personal safety. The key topics covered during the session were:


Situational Awareness: Participants were educated on the importance of being alert and vigilant in their surroundings. Understanding potential threats and avoiding risky situations is a fundamental aspect of self-defence.

Basic Strikes and Blocks: The participants were introduced to simple yet effective striking and blocking techniques for self-defence. These included punches, kicks, and ways to defend against common attacks.

Escapes and Releases: The workshop covered various methods to break free from common grabs and holds, such as wrist grabs, bear hugs, and chokes.

Ground Defence: Techniques for defending oneself when on the ground were demonstrated and practiced. Participants learned how to escape from underneath an attacker and protect vulnerable areas.

Confidence Building: The workshop aimed to boost the confidence of participants in their ability to protect themselves and make quick decisions in high-pressure situations.


The self-defence workshop proved to be highly beneficial for the participants, equipping them with valuable skills to enhance their personal safety. The practical nature of the training and the interactive sessions ensured that the attendees grasped the concepts effectively and enabled participants to acquire essential tools to protect themselves and foster a sense of security in their daily lives.




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