Inclusive Education – No child is left behind at Amrita

Resource Room is the remedial class room in the school that has been functioning in the school for the past 3 years. Students coping with educational difficulties are given direct, specialized instruction, academic remediation, assistance with homework & related assignments as individuals or in groups. Appropriate tools to enhance levels of concentration, memory, understanding concepts, develop eye and hand coordination, reading and writing skills etc. Activities to enhance creativity are also included by way of Art and Craft work, Clay modeling etc. The brightly coloured walls with playful pictures are very endearing to the children.

A separate work schedule is prepared and shared with the class teacher and with the help of play-way and peer-group method, students are constantly guided to overcome behavioral and learning difficulties. Focus on teen aches, helping to sort out individual differences with parents, teachers, siblings and peer groups have encouraged the children in a very positive manner.

Workshops conducted by experts in the field of remedial education regularly for parents as well as teachers help them to understand the needs of our privileged children and extra caution is displayed in order to make sure that students are not demoralized or discouraged at home and school.

An Inclusive committee to address issues concerning children with special needs has been formed which comprises of the School Principal as Chairperson and Special Educator, School Counsellor and Teachers Representative as members. The committee conducts examination for the students in the Resource Room where, a reader is provided. This ensures that the students are able to attempt the exams without any stress and also devote extra time to attempt the papers.

Achievements of Resource Room:
  • One of our student’s painting was selected as April 2015 month’s Calendar for NIIT technologies.
  • One of our students with learning disabilities passed the AISSE exams for the academic year 2016-17 with 9.0 CGPA
  • Around 30 students have shown good improvement in their academics and behavior during this academic year in reading, writing, taking down notes, completing the tasks and making habit of following the study schedule. Behavior wise, the students have become more enthusiastic, confident, displaying reduced anger levels, improved communication skills and enhanced leadership qualities.

Gaining self-confidence demands that we start somewhere. The school setting offers opportunity in the competitive environment of the classroom. Here we always find room for improvement. “Learning to learn” has a payoff not only in the acquisition of good study habits but also in its contribution to the growth of self-confidence.

Self-confidence comes through self-understanding and relates closely to what we do with our abilities and how we learn to work around our disabilities.

Considering the overall development of the students, Amrita School took an initiative & started Resource Room with Pre-Primary & Primary students & appointed the experienced school teachers & school counselor. It is functioning successfully since three years.

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