Human beings are a social animal who needs to sustain in society and values help them to grow in society. Human values are the generosity that one individual keeps in mind while interacting with the other one which includes respect, affection, appreciation, love and many other things towards another person. Schools are one of the important places where students spend their major time and learn most of the things from there whether it is through the curriculum, teachers or friends.

Grihamritam is an initiative where the teachers sensitize the children of different grades through real life activities to help them develop holistically. As an extension of this project a theme based activity every month will be conducted to impart values.

To inculcate the value of sustainable and amicable existence in harmony with nature the students of grade 3 participated enthusiastically to nurture and tend plants by watering and removing the weeds. The sessions were made interactive by the value ambassadors. They briefed the young minds about the importance of planting trees


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