“The main purpose of education should be to impart a culture of the heart.” —Amma

The hallmark of Amrita is its focus on ethics and culture. Keeping in mind the ever changing needs of the millennial generation, the school’s vision is to not only empower the children to meet life’s challenges, but to also inculcate in them a sense of social responsibility.

“Amritam Project”, a project initiated by Amrita Institutions aims to fulfill the vision of Amma in spreading universal happiness. Amma believes that every individual is endowed with the capacity to help each other and the various activities undertaken by the ashram under her able guidance is a proof of how willingness to help transform the society into a better living place. The only qualities required to undertake this is self motivation and an attitude of selflessness. These values, if instilled in the minds of students at a tender age will help in uplifting the well-being of the society and self.

The project was initiated in the academic year 2016-17. A core group of teachers and student coordinators is formed each so as to carry out the work efficiently and sincerely. The students have unique ideas and are always in the forefront to dedicate their time and effort for a Project like this.

The day starts with Pushpanjali where students bring flowers to offer at the Holy Lotus feet of Amma.

Under the Sevamritam Project – “Handful of rice and heartful of love”. Students bring a handful of rice which is collected by the teachers and donated to needy families adopted by the school at the end of the month.

The birthdays of teachers, students and staff members are celebrated as a part of the Snehamritam Project by calling them on to the stage during morning assembly. Students also take birthday cards for their parents which is personally given by Principal Brni. Rekha.

Students create cloth bags from school uniforms cloth bags from school uniforms under the Wealth from waste project which will be used to collect the rice and distribute it amongst people in need to spread the message of keeping the environment safe by reducing plastic.

Students were explained about the opportunities available to them and how there are people deprived of basic necessities. As a part of the Sealing of Desire Project, they are guided to thank the almighty for the abundance they have and were urged to seal some of their desires in order to foster a feeling of appreciation and also consideration towards the needy. Each class room has a piggy bank where the students will write about the desires that they have given up.

5 Bird Feeders and Water Bowls are placed in the school premises as a part of the Bhootha Yagnam Project. Students from Pre-Primary to Grade II bring grains on days allotted to them. This will help us to build compassion in our hearts, not only towards fellow human beings but also to the nature that nurtures us.

Value education can take place at home, schools and anywhere we are present If the young minds are channelled to think and care not only for themselves, but also for the surrounding, the world will be a better place to live. With this in mind, the Grihamritam Project was introduced to the students wherein every child will mention in class how in his/her own small ways their actions contributed towards making the surrounding a better place to live. Students act as brand ambassadors and to each class to spread the message of saving electricity, eliminating food waste, segregating garbage, conserving water etc.

This sense of Social purpose nurtured in our students at a very young age will sensitize them towards the socio-economic needs of the immediate society. We also have a dedicated team of faculty and staff who help to transform the diverse academic initiatives into tremendous learning experiences for the students and help to achieve the aspirations of the parent institution.

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