Amma says

The future of the world lies in the hands of the younger generation. Our children are the flowers of tomorrow. They should spread their fragrance and beauty throughout the world. But everywhere, these flowers are in danger of falling prey to worms before they can fully blossom. Tempted into addictions of every kind, subject to pressures on all sides, they wither and even destroy themselves.

“COVID19 has ushered in a time of change and forced exemplary shifts in many areas of life. It has forced us to change around the traditional methods of teaching and has been successful in bringing vast change in the system of education.”

We are all aware that school closures due to the pandemic, has handicapped the student’s life all over the world. Not just academics but also their mental, physical and emotional well-being has been hugely affected.

In response to the present situation, educators have been instrumental in switching over to the completely new platform of Virtual teaching to enable continuity of learning. The video conferencing tool has been a boon through which teachers have been able to meet students regularly which has helped in keeping the teacher-student relationship intact. Moreover this has also made parent-teacher-student collaboration positive and transparent.

By the introduction of Virtual schooling we have stepped on to a new trend of the blended learning model which is gaining popularity. We have to acknowledge that virtual school is not just about taking a lesson through a video conferencing tool; it involves a modular shift in pedagogy. The balance of online and offline tasks is a critical aspect to consider while designing the timetable and lesson plan. Huge efforts have been put by the management and staff to enable this complete shift in the system work successfully at the School level. Even before training the students, we have trained ourselves to provide a smooth and error free experience of learning to the students.

This model has helped learning to continue beyond the four walls of the classroom, allowing students’ choice and flexibility to learn at their pace, creating more opportunities for collaborative tasks along with providing opportunities to rethink the mode of assessments & feedback. Virtual education has opened up possibilities of rethinking the methods of teaching & learning.

We also need to acknowledge that the transition to virtual learning can be challenging for all stakeholders. Parents will have to think differently about how to equip their children in the virtual learning space; how to create structures and routines that allow their children to be successful; and how to support their learning journey while considering the emotional well-being as well. Schools like hospitals are caregivers and we, as a school will fall back on the school framework of Relevance, Relationship and Rigour to support parents in this process of creating meaningful engagement with their children.

I think all educators need a pat on their back for their immense efforts and passion towards providing education even during times of such pandemic and at the cost of their own health. As everyone we too are going through the adversities but at the same time are being positive in serving the generation ahead by always being there with them. Your support and co-operation will be much appreciated.

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