The curriculum at Amrita Nursery is designed in such a way that it caters to the overall development of the young minds. The day begins with an assembly. Children chant shlokas followed by simple exercises. Values like “praying everyday”, “saving water, food, electricity”, “keeping surrounding clean”, “respecting elders” etc. and reiterated in the assembly. A short story is shared keeping in mind the value for the day. Circle time is the favorite time of all the children where they dance on songs and learn concepts like sounds of animals, farm animals, days of the week and so on. The assembly ends with pledge and The National Anthem.

Concepts are learnt with audio visual perception. Each class is equipped with a smart board and walls are decorated with alphabets and numbers for continuous learning. Storytelling with puppets make learning fun. Art and Craft activities are conducted in the class where children enjoy various art techniques through group activities and learn the concept of colors and shapes. Geeta Chanting is also a part of the curriculum, where children learn one ‘adhyay’ each year.

Special assembly is organized for various celebrations and events. Various competitions are held every month to overcome stage fear and develop their speaking skill. These competitions help in bringing out their imagination and creativity

Sports activities are designed to develop motor skills, team spirit, discipline, cognitive development and self control. Children also go for garden play once a week where they get a chance to learn and enjoy in the open air.

Amrita Nursery helps the children to develop emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and thus caters to the overall development of children.

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