Amrita Fest 2021-22

Someone rightly quoted that Winning is something, but Participation is everything.

Amrita Vidyalayam, Juinagar proudly presents the winners of the Virtual Amrita Fest 2021-22. The virtual fest was categorized into Online and Offline modes. The event took place on the 24th of July 2021 with much enthusiasm. Maximum participation was encouraged by the class teachers and students were given age-appropriate competition activities to choose from. The overwhelming response of all the students was mind blowing. In-charge teachers were allotted who made sure the competition was carried out smoothly.

The entire staff of AV congratulated the participants and e-Certificates were presented to all the winners.

Check out the complete video which reveals the winners of various competitions on :

Amrita Fest 2018-19

Around 950 Students of Amrita Vidyalayam came with enough excitement to not let the rains dampen their spirits as they geared up to participate in the various competitions conducted under the flag of Amrita Fest 2018-19.

Amrita Fest 2018-19 – Part I (07/07/18)

The first series of the Fest was inaugurated by the Honourable Br. Avyayamrita Chaitanya ji on 07/07/18 . The programme started with the lighting of the auspicious lamp and prayer. The Competition committee welcomed Swamiji, Principal Brni. Rekha, Head Coordinator and Head Teacher, while the House Captains gave a floral bouquet to each of the House Mothers. The presence of Swamiji boosted the morale of the students. Through a short story, he conveyed a strong message of fair, competitive spirit and the importance of rising above the “Me” and finding joy in “We”.

The students participated in various competitions which were put together, keeping in mind the interests of the current generation. The creativity of the students was seen through their beautiful designs in a creative design with shape, nail art, hair style and T-shirt hack. They also garnered points for their Houses in the Memory game and Mahabharata quiz.

Amrita Fest 2017-18

Amrita Fest Part II (04/08/18)

The second phase of Amrita Fest 2018-19 saw eager students turning up for the semi final round of the various competitions. Chinmay House students were declared the winners of the Maths Quiz. Head of Maths Department Ms. Jayalekshmi Pillai was the Quiz Master. The students enjoyed participating in the quiz thoroughly and felt that the questions were quite tricky yet challenging. The Judges had a difficult time finalising the winners of the Fancy Dress competition. The costumes were painstakingly made: the credit for which goes to the parents. Commercial product was the theme for Advertisement competition and it was fun to watch the students come up with their ideas to sell their products. Students showed their talent in the Singing with instrument by singing alongwith tabla, guitar, keyboard etc. Some students sang on a karoeke track. Students chanted Hanuman chalisa, Ganapathy stotram, Guru Stotram etc. in the stotram competition. The finalists for the competitions will be declared next week.

Amrita Fest (Part III) – 18/08/18

Salad presentation, Floral decoration, Debate (semi-final) on Women empowerment and Creative writing were the activities that students participated in during the Part III of Amrita Fest held on 18th August. The artistic abilities of the students were on full display while they presented the floral and salad decorations.

Amrita Fest (Part IV) – 1/09/18

The finale of various competitions viz. Storam, Solo dance and Singing with Instrument was held today. Each of the competitions saw students putting their best foot forward. Besides these, Secondary and Sr. Secondary debated on “Social Media in the modern society” . It was interesting to hear their views, especially when posed with a question” social media is akin drug addiction”.

The primary students used their adept fingers to make creative masks in the Mask making competition, while, in Whiz kids’ competition, they showcased their talent in designing beautiful greeting cards on MS word.

Amrita Fest was introduced in the academic year 2017-18 year which facilitated students to participate in various competitions in the academic and cultural fields. The students competed not only at a personal level but were also enthusiastic about garnering points for the respective Houses they belonged to. Competitions were based on themes such as Value Education, Tourism, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Conserving the Environment etc. General Knowledge and Ramayana Quiz Competitions, Extempore, Advertisement, Elocution, Mono-act, Rangoli, Best out of Waste, Creative Designing, Singing with Instrument, Group and Solo Dance were some of the few competitions held in 3 phases during the year.

The Annual Science Exhibition is an annual feature of the school. Students come up with simple yet unique ideas to conserve water, environment and the amalgamation of technology and creativity was a treat to the parents and teachers who patiently went from each booth to understand the minds of our young children.

Amrita students actively participate in Inter-School, State and National competitions in Academics, Cultural and Sports. Apart from that students also attend Maths, Science, Cyber Olympiads and Spell Bee Competitions

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