Students from classes 3rd to 8th excitedly participated in the various club activities that started this month. The club activities are designed by teachers with a lot of thought to encourage the questioning mind. The clubs consist of Mathematics Club, Eco Club, Literary Club, Creative Club and Science Club. One of the reasons why children love the activities in these clubs is that it has a very hands-on approach and teachers and students actively engage with each other in an informal setting. They also work in groups which promotes social behavior.

Mathematics Club

Students looked forward to the different activities set up for them by the teachers as a part of Club Activities. The activities were designed to stimulate their mathematical curiosity and develop a positive interest in the subject. Students of 3rd and 4th grades participated in Tangram Puzzle Activity. Tangram is a Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 shapes (one parallelogram, one square and five triangles) that can be arranged to make particular designs. Students of classes 5th and 6th participated in the”Line of Symmetry”. Students drew many geometrical shapes viz. Circle, square, rectangle, triangle and found lines of symmetry by folding craft papers. Classes 7th and 8th participated in an activity called “Net Pattern of 3D shapes”. A net is a sort of skeleton outline in 2D, which, when folded results in a 3D shape. Students prepared net pattern of 3D solid shapes like cubes, cuboid, cylinder, triangular pyramid using paper folding methods.

Eco Club

Students from Classes 3rd to 8th brought trees, saplings of various varieties like Tulsi, Rose, Neem etc. which was planted around the school campus. The teachers guided the students on the correct method of planting trees by making sure each sapling gets adequate space to grow and understand the requirements of each plant. The tree plantation activity helped the students to connect with nature and foster environmental awareness. During the group discussion, students shared their concerns about the increasing loss of green cover and their pledge to join hands with the local municipal corporations to eliminate plastic from their daily lives.

Literary Club

The concept of the Literary club at school is to expose the young minds to literature in the form of poetry, fiction, story, biography, novel etc. The language style, imagery along with criticism helps students to appreciate and analyse an author’s literary work work and helps to seek out books from the library. Students were divided into groups and a total of 7 charts on cleanliness were made by students of 3rd and 4th grades. Students of 5th and 6th grades created interesting posters on “Conserving the Environment”. 7th and 8th grade students were given choices to either write a biography or on “Varsha Ritu” with the help of a set number of clues. 9 students wrote in Hindi and 35 students wrote beautiful biographies in English.

Science Club

The Science club fuels the wonder and joy of learning by bringing science to life. The various activities planned for the sake of students are aimed to enhance their scientific skills and help them explore the world beyond. Students of classes 3rd and 4th performed hands on experiment to find the shape and volume of solids, liquids and gaseous after with the help of bottles and lunch boxes. 5th and 6th graders brought rotis, idlies, rice etc from home to analyse higher nutritional values of Indian diet. A calorie chart was prepared where calories, proteins and fat present in the food items were calculated and tabulated. This helped the students to understand the necessary nutrients needed by an individual every day and the health benefits of eating traditional Indian dishes. Students of classes 7th and 8th learnt about the sugar content in different fruits. They compared the level of sugars (fructose, glucose, sucrose) and dietary fibers in fruits and prepared a detailed chart in their respective class boards. The knowledge of cellular respiration and bad effects of excess sugar they gained through this activity was very helpful for students to understand the long term harmful effects of junk food.

Creative Club

As the name itself suggests, the Creative club has been formed to foster the natural talents of children while they use their hands and minds simultaneously. Students from 3rd to 8th grades made notepads using A4 size paper, binder clips and other stationery materials. The students were excited to have a personal note pad which can be used for “Things to-do” on a daily basis.

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