The “NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY” celebration honours Sir C. V. Raman’s exceptional contribution to research and discovery by providing hope and inspiration to future generations to pursue their dreams. Science has pushed us to our limits and everything around us is indeed a product of science.

NSD was celebrated in Amrita Vidyalayam, Juinagar  in their respective classes from grade I – VIII. The students participated with full enthusiasm and their scientific creativity was displayed at its best.

The primary classes of I-V displayed their artistic calibre through poster making activity on topics ranging from Our Earth and its Surroundings, My Family and Friends etc.

The middle school students of classes VI – VII portrayed an excellent amalgamation of their dramatic and scientific skills. The activities ranged from role plays depicting the persona of famous scientists. The young scientists also displayed various experiments and explained their scientific reasons too.

The higher graders of class VIII honed their technological skills by creating documentaries on unsung scientific heroes of India like Satish Dhawan, Shankar A Bhise, Anna Mani etc.

The NMMC also joined in the celebration by suggesting activities like Rangoli making, Essay Writing on creative topics like ‘science in kitchen’, ‘future transportation’ etc. which witnessed eager participation from all the students of Amrita Vidyalayam.

Well, the last event of this academic year was stressed on the importance of inculcating and developing scientific temperament in the young minds.

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