According to the Hindu calendar, Amma was born in the month of Kanni under the Kartika star. Monthly birthday of Amma is traditionally observed on Karthika nakshatra every month by performing Guru paduka puja in school with students, teachers and parents. Class 10 and 12 students and parents were part of Kartika puja held on 16th February and admit card distribution for the CBSE Board exams 2024-25. Kartika puja was performed under the guidance of Brni. Sharanyamrita Chaitanyaji-Administrator of school. The event stared with the opening prayers, Ganapati Bhajan and Ganpati stotra by Brni. Sharanyamrita Chaitanyaji for smooth conduct of the program. Parents and students whole heartedly performed the puja by offering flower petals at Amma’s holy lotus feet during Amma’s ashtottara. Everyone sang few Panduranga and Saraswati bhajans and did meditation guided by Brni. Sharanyamrita Chaitanyaji. She addressed the students and parents and explained the importance of puja according to Sanathana Dharma and faith in God. She explained how god’s grace will flow with sincere prayers. She narrated the beautiful story of Chokamela who lived in Mangalavedha near Pandharpur in Maharashtra in the 14th century. He was born in the lower caste, but his devotion to Lord Vitthala was pure and unmatched. The intensity of his prayers to Lord Vitthala was amazing and is inspiring and a testimonial for god’s presence in this world. Then the admit cards were blessed and distributed by the administrator and Principal to all the students. Program ended with Amma’s Arati, Prasad and Shanti matra.




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