Om Namah Shivaya !

Yoga is not just about physical health, but it is a way of living. It aims towards a healthy mind, a healthy body, and an awakened soul. The word yoga is translated from ‘Yuj,’ which means to unite or to join. It is a union of body, soul, and mind. Yoga brings together mental and physical disciplines allowing the achievement of a peaceful body and mind. International Yoga Day was introduced to raise awareness about yoga and its importance across the world.

International day of Yoga 2022 was celebrated in Amrita Vidyalayam on June 21st. Variety of activities was planned for all the classes from Grade 1 to 12 as suggested by CBSE. 1300 students had actively participated in the program.

School administrator Brni.Sharanyamrita Chitanya started with first session for Grade 12th and 8th students based on the International Yoga Day protocol as per Mata Amritanandamayi Math. She started with the Opening Prayer followed by chanting of Patanjali Yoga Shloka.

योगेन चित्तस्य पदेन वाचां ।मलं शरीरस्य च वैद्यकेन ॥ योऽपाकरोत्तमं प्रवरं मुनीनां ।पतञ्जलिं प्राञ्जलिरानतोऽस्मि ॥

This was followed by a short spell of MA.. OM.. meditation. She then proceeded with Sukshma Vayama like neck, shoulder movements and trunk twisting. This was followed by asanas like Tadasana, Pada Hastasana, Vrikshasana, Badhakonasana, Ushtrasana, Bhujangasana, Supta Pavanmuktasana and Shavasana.

The session ended with guided meditation and chanting of Shanti Mantra. All the students felt relaxed and rejuvenated after the session.

Guest Mrs.Laxmi Chinta, Yoga instructor for 3yrs from Yoga Vidya Niketan, enlightened the students of Grade 9th & 10th with the importance of yoga and demonstrated few asanas which the students performed as per the instructions.

Grade 7 students performed Mass Suryanamaska , Grade 6 created Human Pyramid with Yoga Postures. The day ended with a Yoga session for the teachers by Brni.Sharanyamrita Chitanya. The Success of IDY 2022 at AV, Navi Mumbai campus goes to all the staff and students who have tirelessly worked.



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