With the blessings of our beloved Amma, “Akshararambham” ceremony was organised on 14th June 2024 for the Amrita Nursery FC1 students. This is an auspicious function where the child is given initiation to receive formal education with the sacred Akshararambha ceremony. Parents bring their children to Goddess Saraswati in order to make them capable of receiving knowledge from our institution. The program was led by the administrator Brni. Sharanyamrita Chaitanyaji. The ceremony started by invoking lord Ganesha and Maa Saraswati through Bhajans and vandana. Then the traditional ritual of Akshararambha was performed with great reverence to Goddess Saraswati. Parents placed their child on their lap and they made them write ‘OM HARI SHRI GANAPATAYE NAMAH ’ on a plate of yellow rice with right hand Index finger. Children took blessings from their parents by bowing down to them. The auditorium was filled with pure expressions of love and prayers. Parents and students then paid their respects to Amma by taking her blessings and received the prasadam from Brni. Sharanyamrita Chaitanyaji.





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